lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010


We have 5 days left and we´re almost there, so near our aim: 10.000$ to complete our film, thanks to crowfunding. From here, we wanted to thank all our supporters, some of them friends, some of them totally unknown persons that believed in that project and wanted to support it.: Amelia Kirby, Nadine Toukan, Alba Sotorra, Diógenes, Carmen Alquegui, Julie Brumlik, Keri Shinn, Tanja, Bea Revilla, Naranjas de Hiroshima, Jaume Cot, Julia Millán, Beatriz Rivera, David Schmitt, James Turnbull, Cesar Harada, Corrie Davidson, Daniel García Blanco, Titi, Iain Cairns, Ernesto Capello, Jon Archer, Maria Funes, Osama Faris, OLga Pedriguero, Silvia Galup, Claire Charras, Regina Alfonso, Hanna, Anja Schoene, Richard S, Mercedes Rose, Elba Cilleros, Daniel Saavedra, Ibel, Elena Castro, Mary Patten, Kazumi Terada, Manuel Gil Navarro, Ethel, Eric Damon Walters, Mandeep Sobti and Arpana Caur, Navneet Singh Narula, Lee Dale, Spatscheck, Ivan Lendrino, Témoris Grecko, Nikhil Carneiro, Francisco Seco, Maggie Scmitt and Laila El-Haddad, Laurie Schmitt, Britta Tschiggfrei, Gema Quirós, Zoé de Kerangat, Lola Lenoir, Magdalena López, Carlos Esbert, Aleksandra Burchardt, Jerry Paquette, Jose Vicente (and Lia and Hugo), Eugenia Warleta, Caroline Betemps, Dani Fernández (and Elvira), Almudena Carracedo, Jaref Van Zierden, Ivanka Puigdueta, Gustavo Brianza, Ana Lozano, Pilar Lozano, Saanand Singh Sethee, Sikh Channel, Shelley Kirwan, Beata Jewtuszenko, Kike García, Alberto, Des Magner, Aliia Bartolomé and Blanca. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS PROJECT POSSIBLE!!!

viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010


Stranded in the strait is still a work-in-progress. We need your support to raise funds in order to complete the film (for expenses of editing, image and sound postproduction, etc.).

If you’d like to contribute and get your name in the credits, please either donate to us directly via the paypal button on this web or find us in the Sikh Internation Film Festival.

You can start donating even 1$!!! But…

Individuals who donate 100$ or more will receive:
Name listed in the film credits as “supported by”

Individuals who donate 500$ or more will receive:
Name listed in the film credits as “funded by”

Individuals who donate 1000$ or more will receive:
Name listed in the film credits as “funded by” in a separate credit

Individuals who donate 5000$ or more will receive:
Special acknowledgment in the final film credits as producers, with the possibility of participating in the film’s benefits

Sponsorships are available for individuals or companies interested in donating $5,000 or more.

lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

6 minutes trailer

Stranded in the Strait- 6m Trailer from Alberto G. Ortiz on Vimeo.

Collaboration for the project

We´re looking for collaboration/funding for our independent documentary project Los Ulises/Stranded in the Strait (feature documentary film of about 90 minutes), explained in the posts below.
We´re two filmmakers from Spain (Alberto García Ortiz and Agatha Maciaszek), that have been filming the struggle of 67 Indian illegal immigrants, who after staying more than one year in a detention center in Ceuta, decided to flee to the mountains and build a shanty community there, with the aim of not being deported to their country.
Currently we entered into the process of editing which will hopefully end in October more or less, and then we´ll enter into postproduction phase, hoping to release the film in December and start the festivals round.
As it´s still an independent production, we need to cover its expanses, that are many and urgent, especially the expanses of translation of the rough material and the editing.

That´s why we make this public request to anyone that would like to support the project.
There are many ways of doing it:
-Economic contribution by Paypal (you find it in the right side)
-Sponsorship, especially of companies based in Ceuta or India (both locations of the movie)
-Pre-sales to TV channels or agreements of international distribution
-Any kind of diffusion of the project
-Information about possible grants for independent filmmakers anywhere...etc, etc

This documentary will spread the heartbreaking story of these persons and hopefully to avoid their deportation. All the people collaborating in this project, will be listed in the movie credits.

For any kind of collaboration, please email:

Sikh and arts film festival

Our work-in-progress will be screened in the Sikh International Film Festival in New York this October. Here is the program:

October 22-23, 2010 | Asia Society & Museum
725 Park Avenue at 70th Street, New York, NY

Celebrate the rich Heritage, Traditions & Culture of Sikhs and the immigrant experience through a diverse mix of Documentaries, Short & Feature Films…

  • Red Carpet and the Premiere on the evening of October 22nd

  • Feature Session on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22
    (October 22, 7pm-9:30pm; moderated by Dr. Sarab S. Neelam)
    • Holy Kitchens - True Business
    • Harvest of Grief
    • Rebel Queen
  • Short Films on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23
    (October 23, 11am-1:30pm; moderated by Linda Owens)

    • Nothing Is Impossible
    • Cancer Express
    • Virtues Misinterpreted
    • Raising the Count
    • Riding the Tiger
    • Uncommon Journeys

  • Documentary Session on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23
    (October 23, 2pm-5pm; moderated by Michael Singh)

interview about the film in the Indian magazine TEHELKA

You can read it HERE